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  1. I look forward to learning more and spreading the word around of the positive benefit of using RJ.
    I look forward to coming to the Conference on Wed 14th Nov, next week.

  2. Please
    Consider creating a petition for this to be discussed in parliament for anreview of this law and the impact on the long term effects of the prosecutions.

  3. Mental illness whether that’s depression, anxiety, social anxiety, school anxiety/refusal, PTSD etc must be taken more seriously.

    In the workplace it is far easier to be signed off work for mental illness than it is for a vulnerable child.
    Our children are being failed by local authorities and therefore parents are now being forced to put the needs of local authorities re attendance ahead of their children’s mental health in order to avoid prosecution and for what? For putting their child’s mental health first?
    There is going to be an inevitable and catastrophic surge of young adults who will be unable to work and cope with daily life because their needs have been ignored and their families penalised for trying to protect them.

  4. These prosecutors should be made to walk in the parents shoes for a few days I have a 12 yr old who won’t go to to school she suffers from Autiism ADHD SPD she has hyper mobility and a few other SEN needs I’m exhausted trying to get her to go to school
    And suffering from depression as I have no help
    Threaten to take me to court would be the last draw
    I’d give up and runaway

  5. Sadly the threat of prosecution when my son’s attendance was dropping due to recurrent tonsillitis is what led to his we felt forced to send him back to school before he had recovered. This was highly stressful for him, he did not recover and has now been in a wheelchair for nearly a year with M E. as a result.

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  8. We are a small youth charity working with very vulnerable and disengaged young people. We would like to deliver the MVP course. Please could you tell us how we can get hold of the play books. Our youth workers have a lot of experience in training young mentors.

  9. Hi just to confirm the victim office in Coventry address has changed it is know , Steeple house , unit 5&6 Percy Street Coventry CV1 3BY , office hours 8-4pm M-F .
    Thanks Paul.