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Coventry Restorative Stories Project

Coventry Restorative Stories is a project to promote awareness of Restorative Justice (RJ) within Coventry and to listen to the voices of people who have used or needed RJ. It is being organised by Coventry Restorative Justice Forum and staff from the University of Warwick. The project is funded by a grant from the University of Warwick Institute of Engagement.

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About this website

This website is managed by United Nations Association Coventry Branch on behalf of the Coventry Restorative Justice Forum, set up to promote RJ within the city. It provides information about RJ, includes videos to show how the process works and the benefits it can bring to those involved, and explains the work we are doing to engage more people and organisations within RJ.

We hope you will find RJ as compelling and important as we do. Please feel free to get in touch with comments or questions. Thank you